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If you're a real estate professional and want to showcase your projects on our platform, apply for Seller Central by filling out the form..

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Advantages of being part of Seller Central

balize® is the ideal place for professionals who think differently.
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Blockchain Ethereum

balize® complies with all current regulatory requirements and the requirements stipulated by the CNMV.

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High profitability

By splitting the investment, we obtain a higher commission for the services without an increase in resources for the seller.

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Long-term collaboration

The professional gets to sell real estate faster. If the proposal is approved by balize®, the property will be purchased.

What are the next steps?

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1. Registration of the professional in the Seller central

If you are a real estate professional you can contact us through the form to request registration in our Seller Central and be able to advertise your projects.

2. Proposal of properties by the professional

In the Seller Central you can make a property proposal. The balize® team will study all the projects submitted by the real estate professional, selecting the most interesting ones for investors.

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3. balize®'s valuation of the project.

All projects uploaded to the platform will be internally validated by our team. balize® verifies compliance with the legal requirements established to carry out the operation.

4. Publication on the balize® platform

After validation of the project and verification of compliance with all legal requirements, balize® offers the project to its investors on the platform, attaching all associated information (whitepaper, financial model, etc.).

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5. Project financing and purchase

Once the required project financing has been obtained, balize® proceeds with the purchase of the property. The professional acquires a series of bonuses and benefits from all the advantages of being a member of Seller central.

Apply for registration with Seller central

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balize®'s investment model complies with all applicable regulatory requirements and CNMV validation standards. The Security Tokens we issue are considered financial instruments, and as such, a Securities Agency certifies the content and ownership rights acquired by our investors in each token issuance.

This certificate holds the value of an enforceable title, providing investors with the maximum legal protection equivalent, in terms of evidential value, to a public deed. Additionally, in each project, the White Paper is thoroughly validated in all its aspects by an Investment Services Company authorized by the CNMV, to whom its content is also communicated.

Furthermore, we strictly adhere to all applicable regulations in our sector, especially in the areas of money laundering prevention and data protection. This ensures that you can invest in a secure environment, where transparency and proper treatment of your data are guaranteed.

Crypto assets are high-risk investment products and may not be suitable for non-professional investors. Although at balize® the crypto asset is backed by real estate, the value of investments and the returns derived from them can experience significant fluctuations, with the possibility of losing the entire invested amount. It is crucial to read and understand the risks associated with this investment, detailed in the White Paper of each issuance.