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Blockchain in real estate: what is it and what are its applications?

14 March, 2024by balize
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The real estate sector, traditionally characterized by the rigidity of its bureaucratic processes and the difficulty of access for those without significant savings, is experiencing a technological revolution with the adoption of blockchain. This technology, popularized by the rise of cryptocurrencies, has found groundbreaking applications in the world of real estate. In this article, we unpack all the key aspects of blockchain in the real estate sector: what it is, its applications, how it is implemented, and the advantages it offers to the sector. The sector is undergoing a transformation, and at balize, we are committed to using blockchain for the tokenization of real estate projects.

Blockchain in real estate

Blockchain, a decentralized technology that allows for the secure and transparent recording of transactions, is becoming a key ally for the real estate sector. Historically, real estate investments have been plagued by cumbersome and endless processes, costly intermediaries, and a lack of transparency that often led to unfortunate outcomes. Blockchain has established itself as a valuable solution to eliminate these obstacles and revolutionize the way investments are made in real estate. Moreover, it democratizes access to investment because the automation of everything through smart contracts implies that the entry ticket to real estate investment can be much lower, in the case of balize starting from €10,000.

What is blockchain?

Blockchain, or block chain, is a digital ledger that stores information in securely and verifiably linked blocks. Each block contains a set of transactions, and once added to the chain, it cannot be altered. This ensures the immutability and transparency of the records, making it extremely secure. This is why it has become one of the technologies that are already marking the present and will undoubtedly mark the future of the real estate sector.

What is blockchain in real estate?

Blockchain in real estate allows for the tokenization of real estate investments - not the ownership of the properties, which is an important nuance - and consists of the digital representation of an investment in a real estate asset. To tokenize means to digitally represent a right or value that exists in reality to give it all the agility and security of being recorded on blockchain technology. This facilitates the entire procedure to be carried out in a very agile and secure manner, representing all changes that occur in reality, about that investment, in the technology itself. Blockchain allows for the optimization of traditional investment processes and facilitates their management, eliminating bureaucratic obstacles, reducing intermediation costs, and increasing the liquidity of investments.

Applications of real estate blockchain: what is it used for?

Real estate blockchain has a wide range of applications in the sector. Some of the most notable are:

Tokenization of real estate projects

Tokenization allows for the division of a real estate project into digital tokens, enabling multiple investors to invest in fractions of it, in the case of balize starting from €10,000. This increases liquidity and accessibility to real estate investment. It is one of the most innovative and promising applications of real estate blockchain in the sector.

Smart contracts

Smart contracts are computer programs based on blockchain that automatically execute when certain conditions are met. They significantly reduce and optimize the number of processes that must be performed manually.

Intellectual property protection

In the real estate sector, many elements can be subject to intellectual property rights: designs, construction plans, patents, etc. Intellectual property of these developments can be more optimally protected thanks to blockchain technology, as it allows information to be secured to prevent theft, fraud, and counterfeiting.

How blockchain technology is implemented in the real estate market: process and tools

Implementing blockchain in the real estate market involves several key steps:

  1. Creating a digital record: a digital record of the property is created that includes details such as location, size, property boundaries, the condition of the property, and the history of transactions carried out with it.
  2. Using smart contracts: smart contracts are created that automate processes such as transfers, rent or mortgage payments, and other property management or transaction-related tasks.
  3. Real Estate Investment Platforms: Blockchain real estate platforms like balize are used to facilitate investment in tokenized projects.
  4. Advantages of blockchain in real estate

    The adoption of blockchain in real estate offers a number of advantages:

    1. Transparency: All transactions on the blockchain are immutable and transparent, increasing investor confidence and security in real estate operations and providing verifiable and reliable information at all times.
    2. Liquidity: Tokenization of properties provides greater liquidity, allowing investors to buy and sell fractions of properties on secondary markets.
    3. Cost Reduction: The automation of processes through smart contracts reduces administrative expenses and eliminates the need for costly intermediaries.
    4. Efficiency: Real estate blockchain simplifies document management, reducing the risk of loss or alteration. It also unifies and centralizes all information so that all involved parties can consult and share it in an accessible, fast, and secure manner.
    5. Global Access: Investment in tokenized projects is accessible to investors from all over the world, diversifying capital sources.
    6. Security: Immutable and secure records on the blockchain reduce the risk of fraud and counterfeiting.
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