balize wins the Solvia Proptech Award in the Innovative Proptech category

7 March, 2024by balize
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balize wins the Solvia PropTech Awards in the second edition of one of the most important technology and innovation awards in the real estate sector. It was selected last February from more than 50 applications submitted as a finalist, and in March, it received the award from the hands of Enrique Tellado, CEO of Intrum.

Awarded in the 'Innovative Proptech' category by a distinguished jury

balize has developed a platform based on blockchain technology that facilitates and speeds up the real estate investment process. The main goal is to transform the financial and real estate sectors, adding transparency and liquidity, highly recognized values in this second edition of the Solvia Proptech Awards organized by Solvia and The Fringe/Labs with the support of Intrum.

The jury was composed of representatives from some of the leading financial institutions, real estate companies, and investment funds: Ignacio Vílchez, Director of Foreclosed Properties at Banco Santander; José Antonio Alarcón Hernández, Director of Real Estate Management at Banco Sabadell; David Glaria Carreras, responsible for the commercialization of tertiary assets at Ibercaja; David Cózar León, Director of Real Estate Business Area at Building Center (CaixaBank group); Arantzazu Janariz, Director of Real Estate Assets at Bankinter; Gonzalo Gallego Toledo, Head of Spain RE Advisory at Cerberus Capital Management; Aitor Garcia Bilbao, CEO of MACC Residential; Cristina Ontoso García, Commercial and Marketing Director at Culmia; María de la Puerta San Martín, Head of Business Development at Clikalia; David Peral, Asset Manager at Orion Capital Managers; Marta Furones García, director of the services, commercial and operations area at Aelca; Ana María García Pérez, Deputy Director of the non-strategic asset management area at MAPFRE; Juan Pedro Castillo, Director of strategy and real estate management at BBVA; David Hueso Gutiérrez, Co-Founder of TheFringe/LABS; and Ernesto Ferrer-Bonsoms, Director of real estate business at Solvia Inmobiliaria.

"This award represents the endorsement by major players in both the financial and real estate sectors for a project like balize's, demonstrating that blockchain and tokenization are already a reality", says Gerard Marabella, Co-Founder & CEO of the company.

Ganadores de los premios Solvia Proptech junto a parte del jurado

More about balize

Our platform is aimed at investors with a medium to high purchasing power, starting from 10,000 euros, offering the advantages of diversifying their portfolio as well as reducing operational and intermediation costs. "This year we expect to double the number of funded projects, with larger projects to reach up to 20 million euros in total and an average profitability of 16%", says Joana Marabella, Co-Founder & CLO (Chief Legal Officer) of Balize.

We work on real estate projects in Barcelona, Madrid, and Andorra. From the beginning of our activity in November 2022 until the end of 2023, we have achieved 10 funded projects with annual returns of 11%, which has resulted in a total financing of 1.5 million euros. The products on our platform primarily focus on residential, but we also have prime products in the study of coliving, coworking, and student residences.

The roadmap for the coming years is ambitious, as there are plans to expand the business into other European countries such as Italy and Germany, and later internationally. "We operate in two markets that are in full growth. On one hand, the value of Real World Assets tokenization is estimated at 1.5 trillion euros in 2024, reaching 16 trillion by 2030; on the other, global investment in real estate is expected to double by 2030", Marabella details.

Thanks to Solvia Inmobiliaria, Intrum, and The Fringe/LABS for giving us the opportunity to participate in this 2nd Edition

We would like to thank Solvia Inmobiliaria, Intrum, and TheFringe/LABS for giving us the opportunity to participate in this 2nd Edition. We also congratulate the other winning companies: Homming and PhotoILike; and the finalists of this edition: Auctree, Inviertis, FindNido, Contigo,, and LIBEEN Smart Housing

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