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New project under study with an average annual return of 12%. Reserve your shares now and diversify your investment portfolio securely and profitably!

At balize®, we provide an innovative and secure way to invest in real estate sector. This project is preceded by the validation of the White Paper by an authorized Investment Services Company authorized and oversight by the CNMV.

Why is Archipiélago Village a good investment opportunity? We talked to Toni Bretón, promoter of this project.

Connect with the authentic Bali

Mejan beach, located in Balian, is the perfect location to build 'Archipelago Village'. From Canggu to Java Island it is one of the two most developed spots along with Medewi.

In recent years, Balian has attracted the attention of investors seeking properties in a unique and growing location..

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Bali is chosen as the world's most popular tourist destination for yet another year

Attractive investment opportunity in a booming market

Archipiélago Village I

This project offers a very attractive investment opportunity. Its objective is to finance the construction of a villa within a complex of 4 identical villas. All are designed to meet the current demand for tourist accommodation in the area.

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Total investment


Average annual profitability


Duration of investment

10 years

Income Commencement


What will the villas be like?

We propose a linear distribution of 4 double-height, semi-open villas of 140m2, with two bedrooms, on a plot of 350m2 per villa.

All of them are independent and private. They are designed to be self-sufficient and have kitchen, pool and private garden to enjoy sunset views and have access to the beach down through the palm grove and rice field in front.

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Spaces for relaxation

In the middle of the rice fields, we propose a common area overlooking the sea, to do yoga, relax in the spa or enjoy a sunset with fire in the chillout area.

We want to make a conscious and committed project, so the construction will be carried out in an ethical and sustainable way.

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balize®'s investment model complies with all applicable regulatory requirements and CNMV validation standards. The Security Tokens we issue are considered financial instruments, and as such, a Securities Agency certifies the content and ownership rights acquired by our investors in each token issuance.

This certificate holds the value of an enforceable title, providing investors with the maximum legal protection equivalent, in terms of evidential value, to a public deed. Additionally, in each project, the White Paper is thoroughly validated in all its aspects by an Investment Services Company authorized by the CNMV, to whom its content is also communicated.

Furthermore, we strictly adhere to all applicable regulations in our sector, especially in the areas of money laundering prevention and data protection. This ensures that you can invest in a secure environment, where transparency and proper treatment of your data are guaranteed.

Crypto assets are high-risk investment products and may not be suitable for non-professional investors. Although at balize® the crypto asset is backed by real estate, the value of investments and the returns derived from them can experience significant fluctuations, with the possibility of losing the entire invested amount. It is crucial to read and understand the risks associated with this investment, detailed in the White Paper of each issuance.