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Since 2022, we have evolved to consolidate our position as a benchmark in the field of financial innovation. This is thanks to our focus on adapting to the legal framework, the implementation of cutting-edge technologies and our portfolio of competitive real estate products.

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Our Real World Assets tokenization platform is created for two investor profiles and uses blockchain technology to make real estate projects more accessible thus improving liquidity, accessibility and transparency.

High net worth investors

Profiles seeking to build their own investment portfolio, in which to invest on equal terms with large players such as investment funds or family offices.

Ticket entry from: 10,000€

Family offices & investment funds

Profiles seeking new alternative investment avenues, diversifying their portfolio through an innovative model that allows a more liquid and rapid investment in the real estate sector.

Ticket entry from: 100,000€


We drive the transformation of the real estate world through the combination of cutting-edge technologies and exclusive and innovative products.

“We transform the financial sector“

To lead technological innovation in the investment industry in Europe, offering solutions that maximize optimization, liquidity and security.


“Leaders in technological innovation”

”We are a solid and consistent bridge between tradition and modernity.”

At balize, we firmly believe that the success of our company is also measured by the positive impact we have on our community, our employees and the environment around us. These are some of the foundations that we share, guide our work and reflect our commitment to integrity and excellence.



Applying the most cutting-edge technology to the field of finance , we offer innovative products that transform this field through their optimization, liquidity, security and competitiveness.



Everything at balize is done with the utmost transparency : personalized customer service, legal and technological research, product development and management.



We want to make the most of technology to simplify processes and makeinvestment in any field much faster, more efficient, transparent and secure.

The team behind balize

Innovation and excellence are the result of bringing together diverse and passionate talents. Our team is composed of professionals from different fields such as finance, technology, real estate, marketing and law.

Each member brings a unique perspective and specialized skill set, which is critical to delivering this fusion of traditional investment and cutting-edge technology.

Gerard Marabella

Founder & CEO

Joana Marabella

Founder & CLO

Andrea Pirrotta


Juan Fernández

Real Estate Manager

Eduard Otero

Investment Advisor

Luis Besa

Real Estate Acquisitions Manager

Albert Maltas

Sales Manager

Jordi Corral


Jessica Vila

Administration & Office Manager

Lluís Royo


Marlén Hernández

Marketing Manager

Marcel Miró

Full Stack Software Developer

Matias Bua

Front-end Developer

Adrián Fernández

Content creator

Nacho Leyva

Content creator

Board Members

Our board represents the ideal fusion of innovation and experience, bringing a depth of knowledge in the financial and banking sector.

Coming from some of the most prestigious institutions, they bring a wealth of experience in diverse areas, including asset management, banking operations, investment strategies, and financial regulations, which are of great help to the company's development.

Carlos Salinas

Financial and Risk Advisor & Board Member

Christophe Canler

Senior Advisor & Board Member

Ernest Sánchez

Board Member

Javier Cuenca

Senior Advisor & Board Member

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balize is part of the Andorran holding company Marabella & Co, and is headquartered in Spain in the city of Barcelona, with offices located in the center of the city.

Passatge Sert 1, 1º, 1ª. 08003, Barcelona, España.

Av. de les Nacions Unides, 40. AD700 Andorra.

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